…and once again, we’re racing!

Happy first of November! 

November can mean a variety of things or most of the same to people. This year for me; it’s pie making, Nanowrimo participating, Christmas movies on Hallmark (yes, I’m a sap) to Thanksgiving and running the famous (to our area) Berwick Marathon with my father in-law on Thanksgiving.

Only the Berwick Marathon isn’t nearly quite a 26.2 despite it’s unique original name! After the 80’s, the race was changed to Run for the Diamonds because it was too short to qualify for a marathon and participants receive diamonds as part of their prize. At nine miles, it’s one of the most challenging races in the area that has obtained attention from devoted local runners to elite athletes. It wasn’t until the 1970’s where the race had its first woman participant! 

And there’s a pretty sinister hill too. Most people fear it.  As someone that ran the Coal Cracker 10k this summer, I can’t imagine a higher or longer incline.

“Diamonds” by Rihanna will of course be my anthem song for my Diamonds run. Corny? But the lyrics and the beat were made for a race. It can’t get anymore perfect than this one.

The weather was damp and chilly today. It was quintessential November weather, but it was hard to convince myself out from just using the treadmill. I mean, the treadmill is fine but I believe road runs should be done as much as possible especially before a race. The weather, how it makes you feel, what you eat – it all has an impact on your run. 

Plus, I only had a 2.5 mile scheduled today soooooo let’s sip some kale and it’s go time! 

My kale smoothie in my personalized goblet from my bachelorette. I’ll be using this glass a lot for extra motivation! Love you all.  Plus, duh. It’s pretty.

I ended up running 3 miles. I don’t know what it was, but my body felt more invigorated and energized by the rain. It didn’t take much to get used to the cold either. 

The hill in the Berwick race will appear very early in the race so I decided to add hills very early on this run too. It’s….a lot, man. But I feel crazy good after conquering each one and my booty feels a little firmer too.  Around split three, I slowed down a bit as I may make note of that. 

ALSO, I don’t remember my legs being so sore after just three miles. Three simple miles. Hills girl. Hills are beautiful. Hills are tough…and so am I.

Tomorrow will be a weight training day with cross training. On Friday, nine long miles. 


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