Lentil Quinoa Salad 

Why bother procrastinating? For as short as life can be, some of us spend an ungodly amount on procrastination and overthinking every last detail. I’m in that camp with you. 

We set goals… or we reach for the stars. 

One could be a goal to cook consistently healthy meals like those raw vegan food blogger mom’s who manage to crank out multiple posts a week despite claiming to work full-time, be the mother of three children, two dogs and teach a fitness class. 

Two could be a goal of making Vespers every Saturday…but then realizing you forgot about that one event on your calendar that overlaps the time for Vespers and what if that’s the only parish in the area? 

Three could be losing weight or toning your midsection at the gym. Old school Britney come through your headphones and all you’re thinking about is those abs…until you realize how hungry you’ve become from working out so intensely! If only there was a gourmet healthy drive thru around because you simply don’t have the patience for these multiple step meals. 

Four could be the overwhelming sensation that clouds the judgment of the best and worst of us procrastinators: the Christmas season. As Orthodox, we are called to be humble about our fasts but it’s hard not to feel slighted or jealous by what others are doing. Are my decorations too dull or not enough? I didn’t do a Jesse Tree or an Advent Tree with my children, I’m not the model parent. I can’t afford the four present rule, I’m not the model parent. My kids are wearing hand me downs, I’m not the model parent. I don’t get along with my family, the list goes on and on of absurdities that our minds trick us into doubt and soon belief.

We set goals, but there’s so many impediments that hinder our personal definitions of success and happiness. And depending on who we follow and friend on social media, the ranks of jealousy, envy and lust can make us feel rather inferior even if we don’t usually struggle with insecurities. 

Everything seems harder in the beginning, but the journey is usually worthwhile in the end. That’s why the goal for my  recipes are usually easy, quick, healthy and reasonably priced to make. Just like this lentil quinoa salad with lemon dressing that gets absorbed by the beans and grains that you can’t tell it’s there, but it’s there, like the mystery of who was giving children gold coins in the days of St. Nicholas. I really don’t think that’s reaching for the stars, do You?

Lentil Quinoa Salad with Lemon Dressing 

1 bag of green lentils, soaked overnight 

1 pouch of Mediterranean quinoa blend (It’s quinoa! Just faster to make and preseasoned. Check labels for sodium content or buy and soak ahead grains if this is an issue.)

2 cups of chopped organic kale 

1 tbsp lemon zest 

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp Dijon mustard 

1 tsp agave nectar or maple syrup 

Sea salt and pepper 


Cook quinoa as per package directions. Soak lentils overnight and steam in steamer. Get a bowl and add other ingredients and mix to make your dressing. Add in softened lentils and fluffy quinoa. Mix well. 

Great in addition as a side dish to baked fish, baked chicken or vegetable patties. 


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