fruit and cheese blintzes

Over the past weekend, it was Forgiveness Sunday in the Orthodox church. It was also the week of Valentine’s Day and our first one as newlyweds.

It ended up being quite romantic. After a few days of unseasonably warm weather, they started to call for a snowstorm. I knew it began to feel legit when even my clients started talking about it at work.

I was also tired of hearing of more snow. When I used to go skiing, the Winters excited me but now after so long, it’s like meh to snow after so long! It was also the weekend of the Cheesefare potluck at church and I was excited to make blintzes.

My husband treated me to a float therapy center! Unfortunately, they were all booked with float therapy appointments for that day, but I did experience a mind and body altering massage. And I will still float next month!

But then the snow arrived.

Usually, we don’t go out in storms but there was something about this weekend that proved a little different. Afterwards, I made it just in time and safely to meet him at my favorite old world local Italian restaurant.

At this point, the roads were covered and messy. It was a wet, heavy snow and most of the reservations for that night cleared out. It was seriously romantic regardless if he could have planned this all to work out exactly as it did, but he didn’t plan all of it. As Billie Holiday would say, ain’t life funny like that?

For our safety, we ended up staying overnight and going to a closer parish in the area for liturgy – and Forgiveness Vespers as this Sunday was Forgiveness Sunday. So, my blintzes didn’t quite make it but what did happen was we had my parents over that next day to share in soup and blintzes after liturgy.

It was our first time cooking together in a little while. My husband never made blintzes in his life, but I kept commending him how perfectly thin he made the batter and the ideal golden brown he fried the crepes to be.

I worked on the filling which is a mix of dried curd or farmer’s cheese, cream cheese and an egg among sugar and salt though I used sea salt and stevia. It’s also recommended to try making your own curd, but most of the time, I’m realistic and run on store bought or farm market goods.

I like to though. Maybe someday.

My parents enjoyed the end result. Quality and cutting as few corners as possible makes family recipes as memorable as they always been. Perfect option for Cheesefare Sunday.

And then we have Forgiveness Sunday which starts Lent with a solemn but refreshing tone. By acknowledging Forgiveness Sunday, we acknowledge our own faults with each other and we “clear the air” before we face our own struggles during the season. We also don’t view the concept of forgiveness as a once annual thing to do, but as a reflection for eventual action throughout the year.

In our relationships, if we would truly listen hard enough, we probably offended someone many times over. People seem easily forgiving, you think. “Oh, it’s no big deal!” “You’re a good person” or “meh, whatever!” you may hear and not think much of it but be careful how words and reactions are minced.

It’s never easy to silence our egos or admit we were wrong when we try to aim to be “good people” who don’t try to create any harm. And that’s great! True forgiveness is the ability to silence our egos and speak from the heart. It’s not a forced thing, but our full participation in the day gets us thinking.

“I release you from all the responsibilities I have assigned you; responsibility for my anger, my joy, my pain, my identity. I am not the victim of your actions, or of this world; I am free. I am willing to recognize that anything missing from this relationship, is what I didn’t bring.

I forgive you. I see the love that you are. I see the love that I am. Thank you for your gift.”

For our days leading up to Lent, I will go back to sharing more yummy whole foods, soy free vegan options. The blintz recipe is an exception for a later time. It can also be found in the archives.

Fruit and Cheese Blintzes

Making your own dry curd and fruit topping raises the volume in this recipe though to save time, I used local store bought marmalade and farmers cheese.

For the batter –

1/2 glass of local milk

Pinch Stevia

Pinch sea salt

1 grass fed egg

1/2 glass of flour

Blend in blender to a thin, watery consistency. Fry in olive oil. Lay crepes flat on a paper towel lined plate so the oil can drain from them.

For the filling

2 cups of farmers cheese

3 ounces of cream cheese

1/2 cup of melted butter

pinch sea salt and Stevia

1 large egg yolk

Puree in a food processor.

Put a few scoops of filling in the middle of each crepe and roll up into a burrito tightly. Spoon on fruit marmalade and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Serve preferably warm.


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