Should Christians be getting involved in politics?

The past few years led us into perhaps the most heated Presidential election cycle most of us of voting age have ever witnessed in our lives. Abortion, freedom of speech, a women’s right to equal pay, healthcare, education, environmental affairs, immigration, the refugee crisis, among others… no one knew for sure what type of person could be ready to handle all of that.

In the life of a conservative Christian, it’s clear how far down the rabbit hole we’ve become. I know of many people, including myself, who refuse to engage even with others who argue similar views. It’s just too much and they don’t want to offend or alter personal relationships.

That’s respectable, but what do you do for belligrant individuals who don’t care? They corner you until you agree with them, cry or run away.

What about those in society who don’t believe in God either? Extending “thoughts and prayers” may bring you peace, but is it really respectful if not even a little condescending to tell that to a Hindu or Muslim?

A Different Society

It’s a different society now, but you still live in America. Whether you are a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew or an atheist, you are also a individual bound by free will where you are free to worship by it. How many other countries can say that?

Nobody can take that away from us.

And as far as those belligrant types, walk away or change the subject. Like with most cases of bullying, be the bigger person.


Sensationalism in the media may tell us otherwise. Isolated incidents of religious or political extremism are exaggerated to create stories or induce fear and excitement. It creates a Prozac or Xanax nation, if you will. It makes us believe the world is more terrible. Other attempts of succeeding at this case is by producing clickbait headlines that pop up on the internet. Clickbait seems believable, and is getting harder to spot. We all fell for one including myself, but try reading between the lines.

Why does the media do this? To sell news. Perhaps it’s really a slow news day. Mass media journalism has been struggling to keep up for years. Most people really tune in during catastrophic global affairs or a turn of event to stay connected. But lately, things have been pretty slow or tirelessly ongoing in the world. So naturally, the media has to shake things up to stay afloat.

A pressing concern should be: why are we addicted to the drama and how do we make it stop?

The Christian Response, in my opinion

We have a few choices, and some that I think we already made. We can choose to cast it aside and ignore it, or let God sort everything out. I mean, many people we meet aren’t even Christian, who cares what happens to them, right? I can only worry about ME, right?


And…I don’t know. Doesn’t that sound a little strange to you? Hopefully?

Or what if you may be charitable, but don’t like to consider yourself political. Fine, though did you know most charity is political?

God didn’t put us in the world as a Sims character, action is required of us too. As Christians and followers of Christ, think of why we aid in local humanitarian relief to global disaster relief. This will help you begin to learn more about poverty, healthcare education and the economy in your area and the world. These are some factors among many which can help gently remind you of a need and place for politics.

Also, pure and utter silence and loss of self identity and personality after awhile can be mistaken for submission to something we disagree with too.

So, should Christians be getting involved in politics? Absolutely. You already do. But like with everything else, be mindful of your soul for the only fear you have is the fear of harming your neighbor.


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