My Story

As Orthodox Christians, during Lent, our menus are purposely inexpensive and simple to save us money in order to think of our efforts for charity. It’s one thing to think of what the church needs as we should, but many of us go further than that to people we know and see in the world that could use the help, but aren’t exactly screaming or demanding it. It’s something you come to know in your heart and with a prayerful heart, God seems like He puts you in the right place at the right time but the truth is, we should always prayerfully prepare our minds to serve daily.

For many people, acts of charity stops after the 40 day mark or when Lent ends. I always thought to myself, what would happen if we cultivated that way of thinking and way of life 365 days of the year?

This is why Honey & Allspice was founded and developed: tying affordable but healthy appropriate recipes, faith, marriage and life together. I hope you will find the resources helpful, comical and/or heartwarming if you have similar goals or are just looking for simple and delicious plant based recipes.

My name is Vanessa and I live with my husband, Robert, in Pennsylvania. Hope you will find my recipe blog to be helpful.

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