My husband and I were married on May 7, 2017. I was blogging for a little while before that when I decided it was time for a change in mindset so I took a brief hiatus. I had the near same idea in my earlier blog, Crumbs, but after awhile…I disconnected myself from recipe development and the words didn’t flow as naturally as they normally would for me. I also wasn’t well mentally and by that I mean, I was dealing with a grave amount of stress and anxiety with some personal issues in my own life. On top of planning a relatively large wedding that ended up being the talk of the rest of the month. 

I still don’t know how but I was grateful to God it worked out well. Our focuses was on  practicality, honoring God and family without going into debt. I am not saying you have to follow in our footsteps nor is our wedding serves as a guide, as I believe all weddings are different. That’s part of what makes them all so beautiful, if you ask me. But for those who couldn’t be there, read on to hear how our proposal went and how we planned our wedding.